You are from Europe and you already fell in love with Indonesia’s diverse cultural and natural beauty. For this reason you are searching for a possibility to stay for a little longer on this intriguing spot of land? OR you are Indonesian searching for possibilities to increase your skills in Europe and broaden your horizon through intercultural experience? 


IndoSenia provides you the latest news about scholarship programs and free internships or volunteering programs and job possibilities related to Arts and Culture for Europeans in Indonesia. There are heaps of possibilities for those who can easily adapt to new living conditions and local customs. Broaden your cultural horizon by studying at an Indonesian Arts University, where you can learn about traditional Arts and Culture. Or you are trying to self-organize a volunteer- or internship stay with no additional extra-costs? IndoSenia finds for you the best options to get the most out of your stay in wonderful Indonesia for the small purse.


Another purpose of IndoSenia is to increase mobility in both directions (Europe ↔ Indonesia). For that reason we would like to encourage Indonesians to GO Europe and therefore we will additionally provide the most interesting scholarship, internship or job-possibilities how to get there! Ayo, mari kita ke Eropa!