The Mission of IndoSenia is to serve as a virtual platform and an interface between…

  • Art History, Cultural Anthropology & Travel Writing
  • Travel Know How and Cultural & Understanding
  • Contemporary and Traditional Arts

The emphasis will be on mutual entanglements rather than contrasts between the seemingly conflicting concepts. For that reason three guidelines working as movable connected links will mark the content of this website, which steadily interrelate with each other.


1. TRAVEL WRITING & BLOG: cultural travel-guide through Indonesia

The cultural diversity of Indonesia is spread over 17.000 islands and is represented by over 300 different ethnic groups and 700 languages. So travelling through Indonesia’s stunning heterogeneous beauty is definitely a lifetime experience! This guide shall lead the ones who just started to get interested in Indonesia’s diverse richness as well as give more detailed insights for those who like to delve further into the peculiarities of this remarkable country. So if you are about to explore Indonesia’s various traditional rituals and contemporary artistic expressions you are welcome to navigate through this site and catch information. With the main focus on Arts and Culture (ranging from traditional wayang-performances to the vibrant mural scene in Jakarta) you can find useful high-quality information besides inspiring daily stories related to contemporary Indonesian Culture.


2. INTERDISCIPLINARY TRAVEL-WRITING: increasing the circulation and understanding of Indonesian Culture and Art on a global level

Correspondingly to IndoSenia's main purpose to function as a handy cultural travel-guide, it is another intention to spread knowledge and awareness about contemporary Indonesian Art and Culture for a broader global public. Even though the focus will be set on visual contemporary art, the broader approach to “contemporary” as a complex configuration of multiple simultaneities and diverse artistic expressions will open a space of free and unbiased reflection. Contrasts like global/local, tradition/modernity centre/periphery, or high/low art will be permanently addressed. Through a transcultural perspective this platform works as a virtual bridge to open up a deeper understanding of transformations and connections between Indonesia and the world (with a focus on entanglements between Indonesia and Europe).

Transculturality is a concept that captures some of the living traits of cultural change as highly diverse contemporary societies become globalized. Most importantly, it offers a conceptual landscape for considering cultures as relational webs and flows of significance in active interaction with one another.“ (Benessaieh 2010, p. 11)


3. UPTODATE COMMUNICATION ABOUT CURRENT ART ACTIVITIES AND EXCITING JOB-, VOLUNTEERING, INTERNSHIP & SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITIES: through an information board current art- and cultural events a well as work- or study options in Indonesia will be announced on this platform

Due to the lack of structured information about Indonesia’s art and culture scene (especially for foreign tourists) this platform’s aim is also to close this gap by providing up-to-date information: Announcements of exhibition openings and durations as well as dates & whereabouts of different cultural activities shall complete the function as an information center for those travellers who would like to catch interesting happenings during their stay. Additionally we are collecting and simplifying different kinds of job- and stipend options within the field of the Arts and Culture in Indonesia. This attempt is without parallel since information about events and work-and study possibilities is scattered on the world wide web but not yet structured and clear accessible on one page. Plus - IndoSenia is especially interested in encouraging Indonesian students to go abroad and explore the international track. The program "Indonesians GO Europe" is therefore targeting Indonesians in order to increase mobility in both directions (Indonesia ↔ Europe). This platform is moreover the attempt to create an intercultural virtual meeting point between Western and Indonesian travellers, art-lovers, and students to exchange experiences and share stories.


Benessaieh 2010: Benessaieh, Afef, Multiculturalism, Interculturality, Transculturality, In: Transcultural America, University of Ottawa Press, 2010, p. 11-38.

ABOUT US/the team



Because IndoSenia is operating from switching perspectives in-between a so-called “outsider/foreigner/(or simply “BULE” like Indonesians usually call us)” and an “insider or local”, this platform offers a deeper understanding of cultural phenomena in a compact travel-format. Travellers, interested in getting a closer look at Indonesia while enjoying its gorgeous natural beauty, are our main target group. But additionally we would like to address those who already gain expertise in this field. You are welcome to increase your know-how and possibly share with us perceptions from different angles and interdisciplinary viewpoints. Because of our strong desire to explore Indonesia in an unconventional way (or others would call it “gila” = the Indonesian word for crazy), we were already able to bump into spectacular places and people during the last year. Now we decided that it’s time to share our knowledge, combing our passion for travelling while capturing interesting facets with pencil and camera. Through creating a platform which is focusing on increasing awareness and insights of Indonesia’s Art and Culture, IndoSenia hopes to encourage more people to get off the beaten track and catch knowledge in-between “Inside” and “Outside”.

Alfath M. Insan: Photography and Cinematography

Originally I was born in Indonesia’s creative city, Bandung, but because of my wandering soul I already visited almost every corner in this stunning country. Luckily my deep passion for travelling and adventure meets with my even bigger obsession: Photography and Cinematography. That’s why I love to keep capturing Indonesia’s natural wonders as well as its unique cultural heritage.

Claudia König, M.A.: Travel Writing and Art Journalism

After travelling almost whole Southeast Asia, I got caught on the Indonesian archipelago, where I am currently living and doing my studies. Why Indonesia? First of all I could get a deeper understanding of the people's habits and local culture through a scholarship in West Sumatra in 2015/16. Secondly this country just keeps me busy in discovering. With over 17.000 islands and 700 different local languages it will probably take you a lifetime to explore this amazing place on earth! Because of my academic background in Art History and Cultural Anthropology, my main focus of interest is definitely everything what is connected to (mostly contemporary) Arts and Culture (with focus on a transcultural perspective). Moving between Bandung (where I study) and Jakarta (where I live) I am about to jump into Javas vibrant art scene. So if you are also an art lover and curious for local customs and traditions I would be pleased to lead you a bit through Indonesia’s' art and cultural scene!


Because of the multilingual backgrounds this website will operate in English, German and Indonesian language. IndoSenia strives to provide translated versions of articles and information available on this website. Nevertheless this effort will be undertaken step by step due to the limited resources.